Endowment Fund, Part Two

The MUCC Endowment Fund is a part of Frog Pond Church Financial Assets which operates under a separate set of bylaws.  Typically, when someone decides to donate to this fund, it is part of a distribution of a will or trust.  Individual gifts are also accepted.  However, according to its bylaws, the fund cannot begin making any distributions until the principal exceeds $100,000, after which only the income generated shall be available for distribution.  Each year, as part of the annual report,  a report of assets is included.

What are some of the ways this income could be utilized?

  • Grants for Christian Education which are not funded within the regular operating budget.  Scholarships or grants for the purpose of attending college or  seminary to prepare for a church related vocation.
  • Programs and services for community outreach, social service agencies, community action groups that are related to the spiritual, social and economic needs of persons in the communities MUCC serve.
  • Providing for work of the Wider UCC mission, such as world missions, new church development, or  professional leadership.
  • Awarding grants for Frog Pond Capital Improvements, such as major repairs of MUCC facilities, building programs and debt reduction that cannot be adequately raised by annual giving and capital campaign efforts.

Distribution to the General Fund operating budget would only be made in times of extreme hardship and shall be limited to no more than twenty percent (20%) of the total income available from the FUND in any calendar year.

How would these distributions be approved?  The Endowment Committee must consider proposals and make its recommendations to the COUNCIL for approval.

The best part of the MUCC Endowment fund is that no contribution is asked for at this time.  What we do ask for is consideration about making a contribution at the time of the execution of your will or end of life trust.

For information please contact a member of the committee:  Jerry Kelly, Mike Wells, Lynn Hewitt, Mary Furrow, or Ron Boeckman, Chair.

On behalf of the Endowment Committee,
Mary Furrow