Writing Support Group with Professor Karyn Chambers

A new Writing Support Group is forming and will meet at Frog Pond Church.  The first meeting will be on Friday, July 24 from 12:00-1:30pm and will meet in the Choir/Community Room.  

The group will be led by Professor Karyn Chambers who is volunteering her leadership.  Karyn is a professor at Linn Benton Community College and her favorite courses are teaching about World Religions and also teaching courses on Writing.  Karyn uses a method similar to the one used at our recent Women’s Retreat, which emphasized a positive, encouraging approach.  In addition, this past June, Karyn received her Masters of Divinity degree from Marylhurst College.

The group will meet once a month and the first meeting is planned for Friday, July 24.  Upcoming dates would be Friday, August 28 and Friday, September 11, 2015.

The group will be limited to 10 participants so everyone will have a chance to share a bit of writing with the group.  Please contact Dr. Nancy Rogene through the church (office@meridianucc.org) if you are interested in participating or would like more information.