Around the World with Frog Ponders

world travelHow do we grow and learn through travel?  Do we grow in compassion for other people and cultures as we explore other countries?  Do we grow spiritually?   Our Christian Education Ministry is continuing the tradition of our exciting summer series so that we can share our travel experiences with one another.  Please join in our adventures of learning together.

Join us July 12th, in the sanctuary after worship  (about 11:15 am) when Bill Smiley talks about his visit to Scotland, including a visual presentation featuring photos of castles and scenery and more!  

On July 19th Leslie Worthen will share about her travels in Costa Rica – Leslie is a birder, so come ask her about our feathered friends in this beautiful Central American country.

In August, Charles and Nancy Johnson will present on Burma on the 9th, and Bill Smiley will share his experiences in Ireland on the 16th. On September 27th, Mike and Linda Wells will take us to Italy!