Frog Pond Baptismal Water

Baptism plays an important part in our lives as Christians. Here at Frog pond we have for years gathered water from our trips and pooled that water to provide for our Baptismal waters. When I first started here at Frog Pond and heard how it was obtained I was intrigued but didn’t really think about it beyond being interesting. Years later thinking about this made me realize that the symbolism of the water and the way we obtain it was in itself symbolic. Water begins as molecules within a vapor which pools to become rain.  As the rain falls, the waters merge, pooling into great rivers and oceans that nourish the land and all things living on the earth. Finally the water evaporates changing back into vapor to begin the process all over again. So in a real sense the water we currently drink and use was in some part touched and used by the early Christians. As we at Frog Pond gather samples of water from around the world we are continuing what nature has already started.  Just as the water begins simply but becomes something greater we too through Baptism begin simply and become something greater through our joining.
We have a new book listing the sources of the water currently collected by our members. We encourage everyone to continue to collect small portions of water from their journeys to add to our pool.  It is hoped that as new water is collected and pooled for our use that we can keep a list of the various sources as a record of our expanding connection to the world. A new jug to hold the water has also been put to use. As new water is added it will mix with that which went before and become part of the new whole.

by Gary Worthen