What Exactly Is Reiki?

For many years I knew Reiki was energy healing but that was about all I knew.  I had never experienced it or even knew of anyone who had.  Now I am giving and receiving Reiki on a regular basis.  It is a marvelous and mysterious gift of healing.

“Reiki is the energy of love that never ends.  You can experience the bliss of Reiki as a recipient and receive healing that is channeled through another. – Reiki comes from a higher source – call it God, higher power, creator or spirit. – Reiki connects you with the ultimate source of healing at all levels.  If you desire peace, consciousness, healing, or enlightenment, then Reiki is for you.”

 — Reiki for Dummies

Reiki is helping me heal myself and others.  I have practiced yoga and meditation for years to help deal with the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia.  Reiki is a huge step up from those practices for me.  I’m passionate about it because it is so effective on so many levels, not just the physical but emotional, mental and spiritual as well. For me, it is a mixture of healing, praying and meditating with loving intent.  Here are some quotes from those who have received a Reiki treatment through me or the Reiki group.

“The Reiki I received today was very powerful and helpful to me. I feel so much better than I did when I came in today. The power of this stuff is truly amazing.”  — Rick B.

“I am amazed at how effective it was.  I removed the knee brace that night and couldn’t get it on the next morning, but found I didn’t need it.  My knee still felt warm and I’ve been going full tilt ever since.”  — Shirley H. after a fall

“Thank you for the Reiki!  I was able to sing on Sunday afternoon. Took it easy, and made it. Yay!”  — Greta P. after laryngitis

A Reiki treatment is noninvasive and is complimentary to any other therapies or techniques.  You can receive it while sitting in a chair or lying down, usually on a massage table (fully clothed).  The energy comes through the hands of the giver and the one receiving doesn’t even need to be touched, if that is preferred.  You may or may not feel anything during a treatment, but the most common sensations are of warmth coming from the hands of the giver and a state of deep peace/calm.  Reiki is also inherently positive and always works for the highest good of the receiver.  Anyone can receive Reiki for any reason and everyone is welcome to come to the monthly Reiki gathering at the church on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  We meet in the choir room from 10:00 am – noon.

Gabrielle, our resident Reiki Master, has offered to teach a 3 hour introductory class on Reiki if 5 or more church members or friends are interested.   If you are interested in a class, let me or Gabrielle know, and we’ll schedule one.   And if you have any questions, please ask, as we are excited to share Reiki with everyone.

by Carol Koshkarian