“Convictions Conversations” and All Church Book Read


This final book published by religion scholar Marcus Borg shortly before his recent death is a precious parting gift to all thoughtful church people. I believe the members and friends of Meridian UCC will be very glad to read and discuss it together, so I encourage you to get a copy and participate in the monthly after church “Convictions Conversations” being arranged by our Christian Ed. Ministry.
“How I Learned What Matters Most” is the book’s subtitle, and a glance at the chapter headings gives you a good sense of how profoundly Dr. Borg engaged Christian and biblical history and theology to mine and refine the gold:
  • Faith Is a Journey
  • God is Real and Is a Mystery
  • Salvation is More About This Life than an Afterlife
  • Jesus is the Norm of the Bible
  • The Bible Can Be True Without Being Literally True
  • Jesus’ Death on the Cross Matters–But Not Because He Paid for Our Sins
  • The Bible is Political
  • God is Passionate About Justice and the Poor
  • Christians Are Called to Peace and NonViolence
  • To Love God Is to Love Like God
Adult Christian Education is one of the strengths of Meridian because of our openness, theological diversity, and desire to understand more. What I love most about being a pastor is the conversations and questions about faith that arise one on one, in worship planning, new members’ groups, and the confirmation class, as well as in scheduled classes and discussions.
Please make it a priority to join the conversation at the heart of our Christian faith. The first of the scheduled “Conviction Conversations” will be Sunday, February 22, after the 10:00 am worship service and fellowship time in the sanctuary. “Convictions Conversations” will continue after worship the last Sunday of March, April, and May.