Imani Milele Concert this Friday, Oct 26, 7:00-8:15 PM!

Join us for a fun-filled, interactive and inspirational concert led by 19 children (10-13 years old) from Uganda!  Experience “True Africa”, showcased by culturally unique music, dance and drum routines.  The Choir’s vibrant costumes and energy offer dynamic performances and enjoyment.  Imani Milele raises awareness of Uganda’s 3 million+ orphans and vulnerable children living without life’s most basic needs, and invites others to help them make a difference.  The concert is FREE – donations to support the Choir are encouraged!

Public admission and seating are limited to capacity and available on a first-come first-served basis beginning at 6:40pm.  Up front on-the-floor seating will be available for children who want to have the best view of the choir!

We’re delighted to be hosting the Imani Milele Choir children and their chaperones on Thursday and Friday night, in the homes of church members.  We hope friends of the church and the wonderful community members of Wilsonville (and communities beyond!) will help us fill the sanctuary on Friday night.  No doubt the children will bless us with their talent and energy.  Let’s bless them by filling the house with people who want to hear about their story, celebrate their resilience, and contribute to their hopeful futures!